The Toy sheltie club of america

The Toy Sheltie Club Of America maintains an open studbook to track the pedigrees of these little beauties and encourage breed improvement and type.  

TSCA encourages breeding stock must be health tested, and have their accurate height verified by a veterinarian or an official at a TSCA show.

TSCA registered toy shelties are eligible to compete in TSCA conformation and performance events.

Best of all registering your pup with TSCA supports the breed, ensuring that future generations can enjoy tiny shelties.

‚ÄčThe TSCA is working towards AKC Recognition of the Toy Sheltie.

The ultimate goal of the TSCA is to establish a group of reputable breeders and Toy Sheltie enthusiasts. With such a group, we can promote all the positive characteristics of the Toy Shelties and combat the negative propaganda. To be a member of this club one must abide by the moral and ethical guidelines established. The TSCA will be a place to find the best Toy Shelties available today.

register my tsca toy sheltie

what does tsca registration do:

What does TSCA require to Register:

- TSCA encourages breeder to send copies of results from a recognized genetics test lab for VWD (Von Willbrands Disease), MDR1 (Multidrug Sensitivity), CEA (Collie Eye Anomally), DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), GM (Gallbladder Mucoceles). We recommend the Shetland Sheepdog Panel at Animal Genetics or  Full Shetland Sheepdog Panel at Paw Print Genetics (they run lots of sales, so there is no reason not to test everyone!).

- Signed veterinarian  statement of height, weight and color with the date and contact information.

- Copy of AKC or CKC registration to be noted on registration certificate. Only dogs registered with the AKC or CKC are eligible for TSCA registration at this time, 12/1/17.

- Extended Pedigree.

- Photo of the dog from the front and a photo of the dog from the side.

- Registration application filled out with registration fee.  Checks and PayPal payments to be made directly to the Registrar.


Register a dog - $35.00 per dog

Litter Application - $6 per pup

Reprints of papers - $20.00

Tsca registration