The Toy sheltie club of america

To be listed as a breeder on this site, breeders have agreed to adhere to this code of ethics. At this time, we encourage all of our breeders to do the recommended genetic testing and register their puppies with us, but this is not required to be listed. If you have any issues with the listed breeders, please contact one of our officers. An investigation will be launched, and the breeder will be removed if found in violation of our Code of Ethics.

Tsca breeder code of ethics

Code of Ethics (Adopted August 12, 2001)

1. This Code shall establish a standard of conduct to be followed by all members of the Toy Sheltie Club of America in the normal course of breeding, selling, exhibiting and judging toy shelties. We recognize the difficulty of covering all situations and for this reason any failure to comply with the intent of this Code shall be handled in the same manner as a specific violation.

2. Members are strongly encouraged to perform all health tests currently recommended by the TSCA on potential breeding stock to ensure the good health of any puppies produced at the member's expense. This includes testing for Von Willbrands Disease, Collie Eye Anomally, Degenerative Myelopathy, MDR1 drug sensitivity, and ensuring the soundness of knees, hips and elbows.

3. No member shall knowingly sell puppies or breeding stock to pet dealers, catalog houses or other commercial sources; nor shall dogs be given as prizes in contests or exploited to the detriment of the breed.

4. Any Toy sheltie sold with papers shall be without defects to the degree that these defects shall interfere with its normal function as a suitable pet or companion.

5. All Toy shelties shall be sold in good condition, free from communicable disease, with health guaranteed for a reasonable length of time.

6. All dogs offered at stud shall be in good health and free from communicable disease. Dogs known to be sterile or cryptorchids shall not be offered at stud. Bitches to be bred shall also be in good health and free from communicable disease. Stud owner shall inform customer of any disqualifying defects.

7. Bitch shall be bred only to selected stud. Owner of bitch is to be consulted before any other stud is used.

8. Only an actual witnessed tie shall be considered a breeding unless otherwise mutually agreed to by both parties.

9. All financial arrangements shall be made in advance of sales or service and agreed to in writing by both parties.

10. All advertising shall be honest and not in any way misrepresentative or fraudulent.

11. Whether at home, traveling, at shows or motels, all members shall conduct themselves at all times in such a manner as to reflect credit  to the Toy Sheltie

12. All members shall be shown a copy of the Code when joining and by the act of joining shall signify their acceptance of this Code in its entirety. Any member then violating this Code either in content or intent shall be punished according to the severity and intent of the violation up to and including expulsion from the club.

13. Any TSCA member found by a court of law to be in violation of any federal, state, city or county anti-cruelty statute is subject to expulsion from TSCA membership.

14. As part of my application for membership, I/(we) acknowledge that I/(we) have read and will comply with this Code of Ethics of the Toy Sheltie