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Winner 12-15 Months - Foxpoint Betsy, owned by Charlotte Cannon and Fox Point Farm
exhibited by Charlotte Cannon​

Sired by Foxpoint Elvis, out of Foxpoint Bling

Bred by Charlotte Cannon

Best In Show was awarded to Tebow, owned and exhibited by Donna Jordan.

Pictured from left to right; Helen Holbrook (TSCA Vice President andHolbrook Kennels and Training, SC), Charlotte Cannon (TSCA President and Fox Point Farm, SC), Jodie Strait (Judge) and Donna Jordan (owner and exhibitor of Tebow).

Trophy generously donated by Rick and Monica Lavers (Puppylove Shelties, CA)

Fun Stuff

Winner 15-18 Months - Foxpoint Bling, owned by Charlotte Cannon and Fox Point Farm
exhibited by Charlotte Cannon

Sired by Foxpoint Elvis, out of Foxpoint Promise Life Will Go On

Bred by Charlotte Cannon

Best In Show - Tebow, owned and exhibited by Donna Jordan

Sired by Foxpoint Elvis out of Lady

Bred by Helen Holbrook

More showing. Please help us identify everyone.

It was a brisk December morning when the Toy Sheltie Club of America hosted their first dog show to bring together loads of Toy Sheltie fanciers from 5 states to compete and just fellowship together. The competitors and spectators started rolling in the afternoon before in large campers and buses, and we had a wonderful gathering by the time we started.

Judge Jodie Strait is a nationally recognized and highly decorated breeder, trainer an exhibitor of herding dogs, most notably with her work with nation leading Australian Shepherds. She was our first choice as a judge because of her extensive experience and her excitement to educate. She was kind and gave those new to Conformation showing a wonderful tutorial before we began. She also gave explanations of her placings in each class so that everyone in attendance could learn and be more confident in the future. Exhibitors and spectators enjoyed her knowledge and sense of humor.

Great judges are the cornerstone of helping to shape new breeds. She gave us some excellent feedback and encouragement in our quest for AKC recognition. She was very encouraging about us moving forward in the process.

The show was held at Fox Point Farm, the home of TSCA President and Breeder Charlotte Cannon. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming, and as the day progressed many of Charlotte's tiny Toy Shelties joined the fun. Perhaps not the formal, intimidating environment many expected, fun was had by all as they kicked back and all the little shelties interacted, many off leash. 

The most laughs were garnered when Charlotte tried to show her dogs and an entire group would follow her around the ring. It was a true testament to the love Toy Shelties have for their people, when they chose to show as a group even off leash.  Judge Strait did not allow this to distract her and giggled as she watched the shenanigans. She commented late in the day about how impressed she was with the temperaments of all the dogs in attendance. Everyone interacted beautifully. The dogs were outgoing and confident with all the people and other dogs, especially considering they are a herding breed.

Shelties, as all herding breeds, have a shyness gene bred into them to keep them with their flock or herd. Today that is no longer necessary, since most are companions, not working dogs. Unfortunately many breeders fail to recognize or acknowledge this gene and the resulting fear issues. Sadly this ends up creating gorgeous, but nervous, neurotic dogs that are difficult for their owners to manage. One of the main goals of the Toy Sheltie Club is to educate breeders and the public, so that they can focus on producing excellent temperaments suitable for today's active lifestyle. It was obvious that the Toy Shelties in attendance had this attention to detail as everyone was confident and outgoing. No dog showed any signs of fear or aggression, which Judge Strait said was extremely impressive, and not the norm at the large shows she regularly attends.

After the Conformation classes were finished, an Agility Course was constructed and everyone was invited to try their Toy Shelties on the course. In the future we hope to offer Agility, Rally and Obedience classes in our future Toy Sheltie Shows.

We are excited for the future of the Toy Sheltie breed, and look forward to many more Toy Sheltie Shows in the future.

The Toy sheltie club of america

Winner Dog - Smokey, owned by Charlotte Cannon and Fox Point Farm

exhibited by Helen Holbrook

More fun stuff.

Winner Bitch - Foxpoint Bling, owned by Charlotte Cannon andFox Point Farm

exhibited by Charlotte Cannon

Toy Sheltie Club of America show

December 2, 2017