Toy Sheltie Breeders/TSCA Breeders

The Toy sheltie club of america

Breeders who have done the required genetic testing and have started to or have their dogs registered with the TSCA will be noted. TSCA Breeder of Merit denotes that breeder fully complies, and litters are eligible for TSCA registration.

Request TSCA papers with your new puppy.  These can be gotten in addition to AKC/CKC papers if all testing has been completed and the parents were a good genetic match.  TSCA papers are an indication that your puppies parents have had the most modern genetic testing available and that the TSCA has a copy of those tests and has deemed this litter should not be affected by Collie Eye Anomaly, Degenerative Myelopathy, Gallbladder Mucoceles, Multidrug Resistance 1 and Von Willebrand Disease.

More about these diseases, disorders and the testing, check out Paw Print Genetics.

Charlotte Cannon (South Carolina) TSCA Breeder of Merit
Fox Point Farm - Offering a limited number of the finest Mini and Toy Shelties for sale, produced titled agility, obedience and service dogs.

AKC inspected and approved.

USDA inspected, approved and licensed to ship.
Facebook page
803-802-3888, 980-722-2828

Helen Holbrook (South Carolina) TSCA Breeder of Merit
Holbrook Toy Shelties - Agility and obedience trained/titled toy-sized shelties.

AKC inspected and approved.

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Wendy James (South Carolina) some testing. TSCA Breeder of Merit
James Gang Toy Shelties - Toy shelties and toy sheltie crosses.

USDA inspected, approved and licensed to ship.


Donna Waugh (West Virginia) TSCA Breeder of Merit
Klis Kritters - Specializing in minature, often times toy-sized Shetland Sheepdogs, produced agility titled puppies.

AKC inspected and approved.
Facebook page
304-856-1275, 540-398-9480

Rick and Monica Lavers (California)
Puppylove Shelties

AKC inspected and approved.

Teresa Erjavec (Tennessee) Testing now
Wildwood Shelties
865-577-9286, 865-201-5525 

Ann Moore (Pennsylvania) TSCA Breeder of Merit


Kimberly Sams (Washington)
Stage Dragon Shetland Sheepdogs

Amanda and Suzanne Czarnecki (Maine)
Czar's Shetland Sheepdogs
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Andrea Martinez (OH) Tests for CEA, MDR1, VWD and DM

Mountain High Kennels


Tammy Norcraft (MD)

Diamond Hill Shelties


Theresa Keiser (PA)

Raises 3/4 Toy Sheltie 1/4 Toy Aussies


If you have had a problem with any of these breeders, please email the President and let her know. An investigation will be launched and their name and membership will be revoked if there was an ethical breach. Thank you!

Become a member of the TSCA:

Breeders must meet requirements by 1/1/18 to be or remain listed.

Breeder Membership fee - $50/year

Individual Membership fee - $25/year

At this current time Individual Membership is open to anyone who loves, owns, or wants to own, and or be involved in the breed of Toy Shelties.

If you would like to join the TSCA just e-mail us your Name, address, phone number, e-mail address and payment, and we will add you to our membership listing to:

The Toy Sheltie Club of America
c/o Helen Holbrook
Columbia, SC

Anyone worldwide is able to join the TSCA, we are an international Toy Sheltie Club working for AKC recognition and to protect the future of our breed.