Meet the Toy Sheltie

The Toy sheltie club of america

The Toy Sheltie is a correct AKC Shetland Sheepdog, except that has not reached the current minimum height standard of 13 inches set by the AKC. Today's respected breeders are working toward AKC recognition as either another size category of the Shetland Sheepdog (like poodles and schnauzers), or as their own breed.  These breeders are ethical, passionate lovers of the Sheltie breed in its original size (see Sheltie History). They choose to promote and breed the hardy, healthy sheltie that originated in the British Isles. For some the bigger, thicker, heavier undercoated show sheltie of today is preferred; for others the more refined, more outgoing, lighter and easier care Toy Sheltie is a winner.

Toy Shelties are bred first for outstanding health. No longer must you resort to a sickly runt from a show breeder's litter to get the tiny sheltie you desire. Reputable Toy Sheltie breeders have chosen excellent parents with less Collie influence so you get a Sheltie with neither the skin, thyroid or eye problems from the Collie, nor the common issues coming from breeders attempting to miniaturize another breed. We are devoted to researching and improving our breed, don't let the show breeders fool you. Today's Toy Sheltie is healthier than a line-bred show sheltie, and much easier size to handle.

  There is a true desire for the smaller Sheltie in today's world.

People are on the go like never before and many want their dogs to travel with them. Few breeds under 15-20lbs (airline max for carry-on dogs) are as beautiful, loving and devoted as the Sheltie.

In addition there are more active retired people than ever. They are looking for the Sheltie breed they have grown to love, but in a package that is easy to pick up and hande.

And active families love the energy, brilliance and beauty of the Sheltie, but feel the grooming commitment is immense, time consuming and expensive to have done professionally. Most Toy Shelties have less undercoat and require less grooming than standard show Shelties. Since they are smaller, they shed less too.

Finally agility competitors cannot dispute the dominance of the Sheltie. Toy Shelties many times qualify in a smaller height class. They smoke the other breeds in that class!

The reputable Toy Sheltie breeders have put much time, effort and intelligence into raising their shelties. We would love to help you find out more and connect with a great Sheltie in a toy size.

Grab a cup of coffee and read about the Toy Sheltie and find a breeder and dog that's perfect for you!

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